10 Wine Gifts For The Wine Lover In Your Life

The Best and Smartest Gifts for the Serious Wine Lover Who Has Everything






Is there an oenophile in your life that has almost everything there is to have in relation to wine? It is a struggle trying to find them a unique wine themed gift especially since they already have everything.


Lucky for you, this guide will be able to help solve your problem. We have found 10 amazing options to gift to the wine lover in your life. 10 of these wonderful options include truly exclusive, rare and limited edition wines.


What Does the Wine Lover Actually Want This Holiday





  1. Luminis Lujan Cabernet Sauvignon


We are starting the list off with the Luminis Lujan Cabernet Sauvignon which comes from the reigning and one of the most important wine region in Argentina, the Lujan de Cuyo. The region’s lower altitude valley with high temperatures gives off a unique opportunity to make some of the world’s best Cabernets.


As one of the rarer wines we showcase, there are only 400 cases left of this expressive wine. This wine is one of the more masculine in the Uco Valley. It is a dry wine with hints of black raisin and flowers.


Moreover, this is an excellent wine selection to have during your holiday meals. To read more about holiday food and wine pairings read this post. The wine lover in your life will appreciate this gift and it will not make your pockets bleed. An excellent value red wine from Argentina $17.00.


  1. Red Wine Lover’s Cheese Collection







A brilliant gift for wine lovers who love to pair their wine with cheese is the Red Wine Lover’s cheese collection from Murray’s Cheese. After all, wine and cheese will always be the best combination there is. This cheese collection contains 1.1 pounds of cheese and can serve 5-7 oenophiles. It includes Murray’s Cave Aged Gruyere, Murray’s Young Manchego, Bayley Hazen Blue and much more.


  1. Luminis Perdriel Malbec


Luminis Perdriel Malbec is a wine that expresses distinct characteristics. This wine won the bronze category for the Decanter World Wine Awards last 2017. It is made from the regions of Perdriel in Mendoza, known to be the home of the oldest vineyards of Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon.


50% of the wine spends 12 months in first- and second-year oak barrels (80% American and 20% French) and a minimum of 9 months in the bottle before it is ready to be consumed in the market ensuring excellent quality in every sip.


Moreover, this wine is another rarer red wine selection. There are only 2,000 cases of the Luminis Perdriel Malbec 2014 ever produced. Not to mention at only $30.00 this is sure to surprise and delight any serious wine lover this holiday season.







“I now know why my friends rave about this wine. The nose is delicate with unusual aromas for Argentine wine. The taste is smooth and bold but once you take a few sips the roundness, fullness of the grape explodes. This was surprisingly easy to drink and has become one of my most favorite.”

- Luminis Perdriel Malbec 2014 - Naiomi Antonino


  1. Merlot Infused Tea


This  Merlot Infused tea is a great inexpensive gift for wine lovers. This is a black tea infused with merlot and has touches of bergamot and vanilla. This infused tea gives a lush and berry-like flavor that will surely give you a treat. It is great for those who want to enjoy the merlot flavor without the alcohol. This product has 25 servings per canister and it also includes a stainless steel tea ball.


  1. Ludovicus, 100% Garnacha


For the wine enthusiast that appreciates a single varietal wine, the Ludovicus, 100% Garnacha is an excellent option. This is a red wine made from the Garnacha grape. It is made in Catalonia, Spain where the grapes are planted in high elevation and limestone giving it excellent quality and expression. This wine is aged for 4 months in both French and American oak.







Furthermore, it is a spicy wine that has hints of candied rose, cherry and raspberry. It contains 14% alcohol and gives a bold excellent flavor perfect for heavy meals especially during the holiday season.



“Very good taste, excellent quality. It is a bold, full bodied red wine. At 14% alcohol it is the perfect pair for everything we grill. It’s a wow wine.” Ludovicus Granacia - Jaren Lipin 


With only 9000 bottles available for this vintage, you will need to take advantage of it before it sells out. The Ludovicus Granacia is only $15.00!


  1. Wine Aroma Master Kit


This Wine Aroma Master Kit from Le Nez Du Vin can be purchased on Amazon. With this Kit, one will surely master the complex art of picking out scents in wine. 54 different concentrated scents designed to help train your nose to be as good as a wine expert. Now that is a splash of creative gift giving!


The Gift Giving Guide For Wine Lovers In Your Life

  1. Allamand Cuvee Saint Jeannet







This wine is considered to be extremely rare and limited. It is made with a rare grape varietal which was said to be saved from extinction. A deeply embedded philosophy in winemaker Christian Allamand’s work is that he must give people a sense of place from each specific, varied and beautiful region of Mendoza, Argentina.


With only 5000 bottles available with only one vineyard in the world that produces this wine, this rare and unique wine is a gift worth giving over and over again.


So, if you are aiming to give something that is highly rare and special, Allamand Cuvee Saint Jeannet Wine is the one you are looking for.  It has a mineraly and citric taste with hints of white peach, white flowers, and pineapple. You can purchase this rare wine for only $18.00.


  1. Monogram Wood Wine Trough


If you are thinking about a unique gift you could give to the wine lover in your life, we suggest the  Monogram Wood Wine Trough by Cathy’s Concepts.









With this wine trough, you can keep your wine bottles chilled so that you and your guests can enjoy the taste of any wine in the comfort of your own home at just the right temperature, chilled.


Furthermore, it doubles as a beautiful piece of home decor. This wooden trough is personalized making it a creative and unique gift for the wine lover. It comes with a galvanized metal bucket that is easy to clean!


  1. Barcino, Cava Brut







In the region of Penedes, Spain, there is a tradition of different clans and villages coming together and competing during holiday festivals to see who can build the tallest human tower.


Barcino, Cava Brut wine is a sparkling white wine that honors this tradition and the long tradition of sparkling winemaking in Catalonia. This wine is made from the combination of 40% Marcabeo, 20% Parellada, and 40% Xarel-lo grapes from Catalonia, Spain.


Barcino, Cava Brut is best paired with any tapas, savory or sweet, or even casual small plates especially those centered on seafood. You can get this bottle of wine as a gift and make a paring dish to bring to the recipients home. Here you will find more appetizer pairings for the holiday.








It is a bright, dry sparkling wine with a zesty citrus taste and fine bubbles. This fun and refreshing wine is perfect for any kind of celebration. There is a case discount on Shop.humanitywineco.com when you purchase this wine or any of their wines in bulk. At $15.99 this is a bubbly that you will want to keep in stock and gift throughout the year.  


  1. Merlot Infused Coffee


This is the best wine themed gift for those who love coffee and wine. This Merlot Infused Coffee is 100% Arabica beans that are aged in oak wine barrels to give you a unique flavor in your cup of coffee. It has a distinctive flavor of fresh red berry with hints of currants and blackberries. This coffee is best served with a small amount of sugar. It is a perfect choice for the wine lovers who do not want to choose between coffee or wine.








To get to know us better, it is a good idea to give you some background on Humanity Wine Co. Humanity Wine Co. is a wine movement whose mission it is to create a philanthropist in every bottle of wine. They give you excellent, family owned, high value, quality wines that would surely give you satisfaction with every bottle you purchase while changing the world around you for the generations to come.


Humanity Wine Co. pledges to give 50% of their profit to abandoned youth by giving them programs that support job skill training, mentorship, post trauma therapy, transition housing and much more.


Isn’t it great to know that for every great wine you purchase from Humanity Wine Co. you are helping abandoned youth to improve their lives for the better?


Shop this wine collection and more now.










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