5 Ultimate Gift Pairings for Wine Lovers

Brilliant Wine Gift Pairings for the Serious Wine Enthusiast in Your Life





Looking for a gift that will amaze one of your wine-loving pals? Whatever the season, finding the best gifts for wine lovers can be quite weary even if you are a wine lover yourself (guilty).


We always want to get something that will be useful or at the very least look appealing while getting the most out of our money. Sometimes it takes a heavenly intervention and a bit of luck to stumble upon the perfect gift. With what we have in store for you, you will find the best wine gifts to give to the wine lover in your life. 


Of course, it is always a good idea to give a bottle of wine to a wine lover. The problem is that your preference of wine might be different from the ones you are planning to give your gift to. Let us be honest, not all people like red wine, some prefer white wine, others like sparkling, and other people tend to prefer dry ones rather than sweet, so we recommend pairing your wine with something wine-related so you can make a great impression!


The Wine Company We Suggest You Purchase Your Wine From



We will showcase the different kinds of wines from Humanity Wine Co. together with some handy and creative items that will surely be appreciated by any wine lover. We assure you that after reading this article, you will not have to do much research because you will find the perfect wine gift for this holiday season.



Before we talk about the best gift pairings for wine lovers, let us get to know about Humanity Wine Co. and what makes them and their wines so unique. so special and worthy of gift giving.


Humanity Wine Co., is a Winethropist movement. With a mission to grant you superb and rare family owned wines, delivered to you at the convenience of your home while changing the world for the next generation.


Humanity Wine Co. pledges to give 50% of their net profit to different programs that support abandoned youth in Argentina. Some of the programs include mentoring, therapy, and skill-based education.




Therefore, every time that you buy a bottle of their wine, you are also giving abandoned youth the resources to move on from their pasts and have a bright future. That makes you a philanthropist with every bottle you purchase. 


If you are like us, someone who likes to support companies or organizations that give back to the community, then Humanity Wine Co. is a great company to support. By subscribing to their wine subscription, you are hitting two birds in one stone. You get to enjoy every drop of excellent quality wine while saving and changing the lives of abandoned youth. After all, one great thing starts from small beginnings.


So, now that we know about Humanity Wine Co.’s mission, let us dive into these unique wine themed gifts!



Not Just Wine But Gift Pairings For Wine Lovers. 


  1. Allamand Cuvee Saint Jeannet & Mini T 6-Bottle Tabletop Acrylic Wine Rack Specifics




The Allamand Cuvee Saint Jeannet wine an extremely rare and limited wine. This excellent wine is made by the great winemaker Saint Jeannet from a varietal of grape that is said to be saved from extinction. To add to the rarity of this wine, there are only 5000 bottles available with only one vineyard in the world that produces this wine. Now, this is a wine that even those who seem to have everything must-have. This highly acidic wine has a mineraly and citric taste with hints of white peach, white flowers, and pineapple.


For a unique gift pairing, we have the Mini T 6-Bottle Tabletop Acrylic Wine Rack Specifics. This is a perfect gift for the wine lover who has everything. This stylish and contemporary wine storage features durable material and a sleek finish. It is made with high-quality acrylic backing and a choice of silver aluminum or clear acrylic wine pegs that are the perfect intersection of size and storage. Perfect for placing on any dinner table or kitchen counter.


  1. Liquid Geography & Avina Barracuda Waiter’s Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener

Liquid Geography is a wine made from the Mencia grape. These grapes come from the northwest region of Spain and have a unique dark blue to purple color. Due to the region’s high altitude, these grapes express a unique blend of strong rich flavors. Its unique flavor makes it very enjoyable to drink in any environment. It is a herbal and fruity tasting wine with hints of mint and mixed berries.

The best thing about this wine is that 100% of the profits go to the TJ Martell Foundation Double Humanitarian Impact.



“Easy and enjoyable to drink. Good in a casual and friendly environment, before a meal or aperitif. Good wine for the price. A nice dry rose. We loved that 100% of the profits from this wine go to charity.” Liquid Geography - Joan Rowney



A great wine themed gift to pair with Liquid Geography is the Avina Barracuda Waiter’s Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener. The Avina Barracuda Waiter’s Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener will make the trickiest corks be removed in a breeze. It features serrated foil cutter, bottle opener, and corkscrew that guarantees you any wine bottle will be opened easily. It is made from top grade stainless steel and ebony, giving you a quality that will surely last for a lifetime.




  1. Ludovicus, 100% Garnacha & Uncle Viner Electric Wine Opener Set with Charger





Ludovicus, 100% Garnacha is rare and marvelous wine made from Catalonia, Spain where the vineyards are planted in limestones with high elevation giving it excellent quality and expression. It is aged for 4 months in both French and American Oak Barrels with 14% alcohol level.


There are only 9000 bottles available making this a limited wine. It is a spicy wine that has hints of candied rose, cherry and raspberry.


Along with this rare wine, a great pairing would be the Uncle Viner Electric Wine Opener Set with Charger. This Electric Wine Opener features 4 double A batteries, a Foil cutter, automatic rechargeable corkscrew, wine pourer, vacuum wine stopper, charger, and manual. You can easily open a bottle of wine in just 7 seconds and can open up to 80 bottles in a single charge.



  1. Barcino, Cava Brut & Flamingo Imports Insulated Wine Bottle Set.              



Barcino, Cava Brut is a sparkling white wine made from the combination of Macabeo, Parellada, and Xarel-lo grapes from Catalonia, Spain. It is best paired with any tapas, savory or sweet, or even casual small plates especially those centered on seafood. It has a mixture of 40% Macabeo, 40% Xarel-lo, and 20% Parellada, giving it a refreshing and fun blend of flavors.


If you are a wine expert, you probably have a pretty good idea of how many great cocktail recipes you can create with a beautiful Cava, and for only $15.99 this is a cava you can stock up on and drink alone or with a ton of other recipes.



“This was such a surprise. It’s fresh and fun. Great for any celebration or just an afternoon with your favorite people. And the price is perfect! Great value.” Casteller Cava Sparkling - Christelle Stomd



If you are looking for a sophisticated wine gift to pair with this wine the Flamingo Imports Insulated Wine Bottle Set is an excellent option. This is a wine tumbler insulated with double 18/8 stainless steel that can hold one standard bottle of wine.


If you have this by your side, you can pretty much go anywhere without any worries of spilling or spoiling your wine. Its new design features a dual opening neck that provides easy access for funnel free filling. This wine gift pairing is a smart gift for the serious wine lover in your life that loves a little outdoor adventure too.






  1. Armas de Guerra & French Kitchen Marble Wine Cooler

Armas de Guerra is a white wine that comes from a winery owned by a family from Spain known to showcase beautiful blends of Red and White wines. It is made from rare Spanish Grapes with 85% Doña Blanca and 15% Godello.


This wine is a light and crisp one with hints of peach, flora, and tropica. It won the bronze award in the International Wine Challenge in the year 2017 and was commended for 2 consecutive years on Decanter World Wine Awards year 2016 and 2017. With all the appreciation it has received, this wine will surely keep wine enthusiasts on their toes. Great for wine pairing parties as the grapes are unique and not as easy to guess, only $14.99


If you are looking for an elegant wine gift to pair with Armas de Guerra the French Kitchen Marble Wine Cooler is a great option. Made with natural marble, this classy wine cooler will keep your favorite wine cool even for a long dinner night without any mess from an ice bucket. Put in the fridge before the gathering or dinner and it will surely keep your wine cool for a long period of time. After all, an elegant wine such as Armas de Guerra deserves to be served with a classy wine cooler.





That concludes our 5 Ultimate Gift Pairings for Wine Lovers. We hope that you find our gift ideas interesting as much as we do. We are confident that having these items as gifts will not only bring joy to any wine lover but it will also make it memorable. After all, we only trouble ourselves by looking for the perfect gifts for the ones we care about.


All the wines talked about on this gift guide are from Humanity Wine Co. Which means your gift has dual meaning, something enjoyable for your friend, family or co-worker and something impactful for an 18-25 year old that aged out of the orphanage. 


If you buy any of our wines to give as a gift, not only are you giving amazing quality to the wine lover in your life but you are also contributing to a good cause! Humanity Wine Co. donates 50% of their nets profits to help abandoned youth. If you want to subscribe to Humanity Wine Co.’s Wine subscription and help make a difference please learn more now, click here



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