Argentine Wine Holiday Gift Guide

Brilliant Gifts for The Wine Lover In Your Life


Are you having a hard time thinking of what to give your oenophile loved ones this holiday season? Are you looking for something that will spark joy in the hearts of your wine lover friends?


Wine symbolizes transformation, happiness, friendship, culture and unity, making it a perfect gift this holiday season. So, pick up your pens and papers and get ready to take notes for we are going to give you the Wine Holiday Gift Guide that will surely make you and your loved ones happy.







The holiday season is upon us and we want to end this year in a lovely tone. We believe unequivocally that one way to do that is to share some blessings with the people we care about.


Fortunately, we are here to help you get the best wine gifts for the wine connoisseurs and aficionados in your life.


If you have friends who are wine lovers, thinking of a great gift idea can be tricky. You may want to give them some wine but if you are not a wine expert, thinking of a unique wine gift will be difficult.


So, we have here some of the best gifts for wine lovers. We will showcase some of the rarest, limited edition wines together paired with some brilliant gifts that you can give to your oenophile loved ones. These wines are from Humanity Wine Co. and if you are the kind of wine enthusiast who loves to do good deeds for others then you will love this organization. 



4 Brilliant Gifts for Argentine Wine Lovers





  1. Allamand H, Red Blend Paired with A Set of 6 Lead-free Wine Tasting Glasses


The Allamand H, Red Blend is a red wine that is considered to be the best showcase of the great winemaker, Cristian Allamand. If you are new to wines, you should know that the name Cristian Allamand holds great value in the wine industry specifically in Argentina. This 2013 Vintage has a blend of 90% Cabernet and 10% Malbec.


This limited vintage wine tastes of mint, sage, mixed berry, dark chocolate, and smoked meats. It is said to be derived from a single varietal or several varieties from one of the many vineyards that Cristian Allamand personally oversees. You will surely get the most out of your money for this wine was commended in the Decanter World Wine Awards in 2017. Receiving 89 points by Andreas Larsson.







This wine is perfect to drink today or to be aged in a cellar to have an even

better expression and value. Pair this wine with Chateau Spill Red Wine Stain Remover and you have the perfect gift for a sophisticated wine lover who has everything. This Red Wine Stain Remover is the bottle no wine lover should be without. Made from a commercial grade formula that instantly removes wine stains. It works on clothing, carpets, and even furniture upholstery. It is non-toxic and 100% biodegradable, ensuring that it will be tough on wine but gentle on your clothing, carpets, and furniture upholstery. Truly a perfect item to be paired with such a great quality wine.



  1. Allamand Pinot Noir Paired with Table Topics Dinner Party Edition.

The second wine we have from our great selection is the Allamand Pinot Noir. Just like the previous wine, this one is also made by the great winemaker, Cristian Allamand. This wine is considered to be extremely rare and limited. It is made from only 3.7 acres of land with its resources grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides. If you are someone who prefers to buy all-natural, then this wine should be on top of your list.


“Smooth and bold, knowing that we had something so good and so unique made drinking this wine extremely enjoyable. There is no limit on what you can pair this wine with.”

- Florrie Geoffroy


10% of this wine spent 12 months in French Oak to be followed by another 18 months in the bottle, capturing its excellent taste and expression. This highly acidic wine has hints of wild berries and cherries. With this type of wine, any serious wine lover will be thankful for such an excellent gift.


This wine is best paired with Table Topics Dinner Party Edition: Questions to Start Great Conversations. This item is guaranteed to entertain even the most awkward situations with its variety of questions ranging from hilarious to thought-provoking.


If you have this at your dinner party, you do not have to worry about having any awkward or dull moments. Playing with this item will keep the conversations going and the party rolling and you will truly get to know your guests at a deeper level. No doubt this pair will be a brilliant gift for any oenophiles especially if they usually host parties.



  1. Luminis Perdriel Malbec Paired with True Savor Wine Bottle Cocktail Stainless Steel Spittoon.







The Luminis Perdriel Malbec is perfect if you are searching for a unique wine themed gift. So, what is unique about this wine? Well, Luminis Perdriel Malbec is a wine that expresses distinct characteristics from the Malbec region of Argentina. This wine is so unique, it won the bronze award in the Decanter World Wine Awards last 2017.


It is made from the regions of Perdriel, Mendoza, known to be the home of the oldest vineyards of Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon. Fifty percent of this wine is spent 12 months in first and second-year-old oak barrels (80% American and 20% French), followed by a minimum of 9 months in a bottle, ensuring that only the best of its blend is what you get with every drop. This wine is considered to be rare and limited due to only having 2000 cases produced.


To complete this unique wine-themed gift, pair this wine with Wine Saver Carafe by Savino. This Wine Saver Carafe is made to preserve the quality and freshness of wine for up to one week. This Carafe comes with a special float that helps minimize oxygen contact, keeping the wine fresh longer than any other bottle stopper. It is dish-washer safe, with its lid spill-free, and works best with non-sparkling wines.


This is a perfect gift for any wine connoisseur, especially when paired with such unique and rare wine like the Luminis Perdriel Malbec.




  1. Luminis Lujan Cabernet Sauvignon Paired with E-Cloth Glass & Polishing Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.







The Luminis Lujan Cabernet Sauvignon is a wine that comes from the reigning and most important wine region in Argentina, the Lujan de Cuyo. Due to the location of this region, it has a low altitude valley with high temperatures that gives an eccentric opportunity to make one of the best in the world Cabernets.


This wine has a dry taste but easy on the palate giving off an amazing masculine expression. This wine is also another one of our rarer wines due to there only being 400 cases left. This is the kind of wine that is perfect for any special occasion.


For a more inexpensive wine pairing the  E-Cloth Glass & Polishing Microfiber Cleaning Cloth is a great option for anyone in your life. This Cleaning cloth is made from 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, effectively removing light grease, fingerprint marks, dirt, and 99% of bacteria by just using water. This E-cloth together with Luminis Lujan Cabernet Sauvignon wine is an excellent inexpensive gift pairing for wine lovers.







That sums up our selection of great quality, Argentine wines best paired with fun and useful wine accessories. We hope that you find our suggestions interesting and useful.


Are you looking for some amazing pairings of wine and appetizers for the coming holidays? You should check out our blog: 5 Amazing Wines & Appetizer Pairings for The Holidays.


Robert Mondavi: “Enjoying fine food and wine at the family table, surrounded by your loved ones and friends, is not just a joy – it’s one of the highest forms of living.”


If you want to know more about Humanity Wine Co. and its quality wine collections, you can check out the website here.  




Who is HumanityWineCo.?


Humanity Wine Co., is a Winethropist movement with a mission to give you excellent quality wines that will surely satisfy your taste in every bottle while changing the world for the next generation.


Humanity Wine Co. shares a portion of the profit (50% and up) they get from selling their wines to various programs that support abandoned youth. When you buy wines from Humanity Wine Co. not only do you get to enjoy their excellent quality wines but you also get to help the abandoned youth have a brighter future. Some of these programs include education, therapy, personal mentorship, and socio-emotional learning.


Truly a noble act from such a great organization.


So now that we know who is Humanity Wine Co. let us now talk about the wines paired with amazing items that will surely be brilliant gifts for wine lovers. The selection of wines we are about to share with you are considered to be unique and rare. We have different kinds of wines that will surely fit any type of occasion, especially the ones coming this holiday season. We made sure to find the most perfect items to pair with each of these wines, so that you can give your wine enthusiast loved ones the best gift this holiday season!

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