How Can Business Relationships & Corporate Gifting Help Me Grow My Business?

Business Relationship Management in a Nutshell

In the complex world of business, one timeless truth remains: relationships are the cornerstone of success. Whether you're nurturing connections with clients, partners, or employees, the art of relationship management is a skill worth mastering. At Humanity Wine Co., we believe, know and have tested the age old truth that like a fine wine, relationships grow richer and more valuable with time and investment.

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Understanding The Types of  Business Relationships That Need Your Attention 

At its core, relationship management is about building, maintaining, and enhancing meaningful connections with key stakeholders that end up driving your business forward. Such stakeholders can include:

  1. Current & Previous Clients: The lifeblood of your business, clients deserve personalized attention and care. They wouldn’t be your client if you didn’t serve their needs and if they didn’t trust you. This group of stakeholders is your ‘sure thing’. Delivering true appreciation and value are paramount.
  2. Professional Partners: Your lawyers, your CPA, your leadership team; without this group of stakeholders you might as well pack up and call it a day! Seriously, such partners foster collaboration that is often the catalyst for innovation, true vulnerability and growth. Strong partnerships require clear communication, shared goals and consistent honor.
  3. Employees: Your team is the heartbeat of your organization. Engaged and motivated employees are more likely to contribute to your success. This group of stakeholders must understand and share in your vision and require unequivocal appreciation. 
  4. Referral Partners: Referrals are hands down the most powerful source of new business. Nurturing your champions, who refer business to you and your company require a special kind of attention and time. These relationships require quality time and honoring of the impact they have on your bottom line.
  5. Suppliers & Contractors: This group of stakeholders is often overlooked. However, when one understands the nuances of human nature and relationships, it’s easy to see that honoring and showing love to this sector will reap massive benefits to your bottom line. Get to know the people behind the logistics of your company. 
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The Benefits of Implementing An Effective Business Relationship Management Strategy

Why invest in relationships? The benefits are manifold:

  1. Enhanced Loyalty: Clients who feel valued are more likely to remain loyal to your brand. Engaging with clients in other ways other than sales calls that are just upsell calls or ‘hey I want to hear how we are doing’, generates a massive impact to your client retention numbers. 
  2. Increased Referrals: Appreciated clients, employees, referral partners, suppliers and professional partners become advocates who refer others to your business, generating a $0 acquisition cost for your new clients and an increase in your close ratios, margins and marketable experiences. 
  3. Improved Collaboration: Strong relationships foster innovation and open doors to new opportunities that would otherwise be closed off to you. 
  4. Boosted Employee Morale: Engaged and appreciated employees are more effective during work hours and are more likely to stay with your company. “Employees who receive recognition through giving programs are 56% less likely to seek new job opportunities.” And we all know how much turnover costs our companies. 
  5. Positive Reputation: A reputation of being one who honors, appreciates and genuinely cares for the people in their lives will attract top talent, clients and opportunities.

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Why Does Investing In Your Relationship Management Strategy Matter To Your Bottomline Growth?

Investing in relationship management strategies is more than a buzzword; it's a fundamental aspect of successful business strategy. Especially in today’s economic and marketing/sales climate.  At Humanity Wine Co., we know that meaningful connections are worth their weight in gold, but why?

Every company has one main objective, that’s to increase revenue, lower margins and deliver an amazing customer experience that will yield repeat clients, referrals and a strong financial position. 

Relationships do just that and we’ve proven it. A proper corporate relationship management strategy will:

  1. Increase client & employee retention 
  2. Increase referrals 
  3. Increase new client acquisition 
  4. Increase margins
  5. Decrease wasteful spending on marketing tests and sales prospecting tools

Your HR team, your sales team, your leadership team, your investors and your wallet will thank us for helping you to see the pain caused by not having a proper business relationship strategy in place.

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