Savor the Season: The Wine Lover's Fall Bucket List

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As the crisp autumn breeze sweeps through vineyards, it's time for wine lovers to embark on a new adventure. With the changing leaves and cooler temperatures, fall offers the perfect backdrop to uncork your favorite wines and explore the world of wine in a whole new way. In this Winethropist™ approved fall bucket list, we'll guide you through a journey of tastes, experiences, and philanthropy that will leave you enriched and satisfied. 

Vineyard Voyages: A Scenic Escape 

🍁 Embrace the season's picturesque beauty by visiting local vineyards. 🍇

Book in advance a tourist guide with a wine tasting and wander through rows of vines adorned with vibrant hues, sip on wines that perfectly capture the essence of autumn, and enjoy the moment to its fullest. Trust us, this is worth giving a shot. 

Harvest Celebrations: Get Your Hands Dirty

🍁 Join in the excitement of harvest season by participating in grape picking and stomping local events near your area. 🍇

 Immerse yourself in the winemaking process and gain a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship behind each bottle. Your experience will be a reminder that like the changing seasons, wine too goes through a transformative journey. It’s a must to add to your bucket list for a memorable celebration.

Fireside Wine Tastings: Cozy Evenings

🍁 As the evenings grow cooler, cozy up by the fire with a selection of wines that pair perfectly with the season. 🔥 

Explore rich, full-bodied reds that warm your soul or indulge in aromatic whites that harmonize with fall cuisine. This is a great idea that can be also enjoyed as a very romantic date with your partner by the fire, and a glass or two of wine.

Wine and Dine Charity Event: Sip with Purpose

🍁 In the spirit of the Winethropist™ Movement, organize or attend a wine and dine charity event. 🍽️ 

Collaborate with local restaurants to create a menu that complements the flavors of Humanity Wine Co.'s offerings. Enjoy an evening of indulgence, knowing that 50% of profits are dedicated to making a positive impact. We encourage you to share the experience on social media with the hashtag #TheWinethropistMovement and tag us at @humanitywineco

Exploring Global Tastes: A World of Wines

🍁 Unveil the world's flavors by sampling wines from different regions. 🌍

Transport your senses to distant lands through each glass you raise. This is a wonderful opportunity to align with the "Taste the World" aspect of Humanity Wine Co.'s philosophy. We have a wide variety of wines and we are sure there will be one for you too!

Wine Tasting Evenings: Cheers with Loved Ones

🍁 As the days grow shorter, host intimate gatherings with friends and family to take the most of these days. 🍷

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry-we have you covered. Here are 6 Themes for a Wine Tasting Party that you can have close when creating your own and this is your Wine 101 Guide with everything you need to know about wine tasting, wine storage and wine etiquette. And if you prefer to do this extra special, read our Wine & Cheese 101 Guide and purchase your personal selection of wines and cheeses to make your evening memorable. (And don’t miss out this perfect opportunity to add a great touch with wine placemats!) 

Wine & Wilderness Hike: Adventure Awaits

🍁 Combine your love for wine with a dash of adventure by embarking on a wine-themed hike. 🌄 

Choose a trail with scenic vistas and pack a picnic featuring your preferred wine varietals. Don't forget to capture the breathtaking views and share your journey with the Winethropist community at @humanitywineco


Fall Wine Pairing Tips

As you savor the delights of fall, don't miss the opportunity to pair your favorite wines with seasonal dishes. The right pairing can elevate both the food and the wine, creating a memorable culinary experience. Here are some Fall Wine Pairing Tips to enhance your autumn dining:

1. Roasted Meats and Cabernet Sauvignon: Fall is the season for hearty roasts, and a classic Cabernet Sauvignon pairs beautifully with beef, lamb, or roasted game. The wine's bold flavors and structured tannins complement the richness of these dishes.

2. Mushroom Dishes and Pinot Noir: Earthy mushroom-based recipes, such as risottos or creamy pasta dishes, find harmony with the elegance of Pinot Noir. Its red fruit notes and subtle earthiness mirror the flavors of mushrooms.

3. Spiced Dishes and Zinfandel: Fall often brings spicy dishes to the table, whether it's a chili, curry, or barbecue. Zinfandel's ripe fruit flavors and hint of spice make it an ideal partner for these bold and flavorful meals.

4. Thanksgiving Feast and Chardonnay: When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, a well-balanced Chardonnay can be a crowd-pleaser. Its versatility complements a wide range of dishes, from turkey to creamy mashed potatoes and buttery stuffing.

5. Apple Desserts and Riesling: Fall's apple-centric desserts, like apple pie or tarts, find their match in the slightly sweet and crisp acidity of Riesling. It balances the sweetness of the dessert while enhancing the apple flavors.

6. Pumpkin Dishes and Gewürztraminer: For pumpkin-inspired dishes, consider Gewürztraminer. This aromatic wine carries notes of spice, lychee, and rose petals, harmonizing with the flavors of pumpkin and spices.

7. Comfort Foods and Merlot: As you enjoy comforting fall classics like casseroles, stews, or lasagna, reach for a Merlot. Its soft tannins and fruit-forward profile complement these cozy dishes.

8. Mediterranean cuisine and GrenacheGrenache can be a great choice for fall meals, particularly those with Mediterranean or spicy influences. No wonder Grenache is our Wine of the Month for September! 😊 Check our curated collection

Remember, wine pairing is as much about personal preference as it is about tradition. Feel free to experiment and discover your own perfect fall pairings. The most important thing is to enjoy the flavors of the season alongside your favorite wines.

 FALL background, glass of red wine

This fall, your Wine Lover's Bucket List is a reflection of your commitment to both enjoying life's pleasures and making a positive impact. As you savor every sip, remember that your choice to support Humanity Wine Co.'s mission aligns with the "Change the World'' ethos. So, let the season inspire you to taste the world, change the world, and celebrate the Winethropist in you. Cheers to a season filled with remarkable wines, unforgettable experiences, and meaningful contributions!

To get to know more about us, you can go to our website or you can read a bit more about our mission in this article by San Diego Magazine



Make sure to grab your Food & Wine Pairings, too!

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