What is a Family Owned Winery, Humanitarian Wine Club All About?

A home wine delivery service that provides more than just wine. 

Why you should drink good wine 

Humanity Wine Co. is a wine deliver service club that serves up more than just family owned wines. Most interestingly it is a is a full fledged social enterprise that donates 50% of its profits to charity. The charities that the Humanity Wine Co. wine club give back to are those that deal with hand-up programs for orphans and underserved communities. 


What makes the best wine club?


First of all, we’ve been hearing a lot of chatter about there being too many wine clubs out there. However, we still haven’t seen the best wine club emerge yet. The reality is the market is still so new and small there are no real great category kings. According to the authors of ‘Play Bigger’, "the most exciting companies sell us different. They introduce the world to a new category of product or service." And, they become category kings. Examples of category kings are Amazon, Salesforce, Uber and IKEA”. 

For certain, if you drink wine and you share an image or a review online you’ve seen wine clubs popping up in your facebook feed like never before. Some play on price, others on the variety of selection and some even play on helping the winemakers make more money. Truth be told, they’re kind of all the same and the winner at the advertising game usually wins out the market share and your dollars.  

So you see, the wine home delivery service industry, still doesn’t have any one company that provides a product or service so different, until now. Humanity Wine Co. isn’t like the other companies. The company’s why, their mission, the culture is all so different than the rest.


You’ll find all sorts of blogs out there that say, the best wine clubs or top ten wine deliver services, but at the end of the day, they all offer the same thing, wine to your doorstep. Nothing new, nothing profound, nothing different. 

As a lover of wine, let’s get it right, I greatly appreciate the foresight each of the other wine memberships had to move forward and break the industry's traditional three tier system (that’s a topic for a whole other day). Trust me, I know the battle they forged to get to where they are. No one wants to believe that an industry is changing...look at the taxi’s and Uber. Not pretty. 


However, I strongly believe that there is room for a greater purpose, a greater reason behind just shipping wine to a consumer’s home for a huge profit. 


There is more to business as usual.


A good wine club in today’s measure and apparently the majority of bloggers is simple, they provide a variety of wines at a good price and deliver it to your doorstep. Therefore, when we as wine enthusiasts think of a good wine club, we see so many areas of improvement to be had within the wine delivery service industry. 


Why working with family owned wineries is best?


Family Owned Winery in Mendoza, Argentina


Firstly, working directly with the winemakers and family owned wineries we are granted the purest form of a culture and a land. I have been to dozens if not hundreds of wineries in my lifetime. I’ve seen the large, the grand, the rustic, the boutique, the wine in the basement and everything in between. Yet, no one makes a better wine expression than those who winemaking was passed down from generation to generation. 

Those who grew up on the land, who played with the leaves, intimately understood the irrigation system, the temperatures, the soils, those are the wines that showcase flawlessly to the pallet. The family owned wineries that I’ve visited held a belief, a conviction that no other wineries I’ve met held, community. They believe that without their people, the land could never produce such an express and winemakers could never fully function with optimal juice.  

Family owned wineries like those showcased in Humanity Wine Co.’s monthly subscription like, Famiglia Zuccardi and Bodega Luminis, create wines that declare a people’s past, present and future. Furthermore, the way they care for their team, their communities is indicative of how they treat their grapes. Integrity and kindness are staple characteristics of the family owned wineries.  

When the founder of Humanity Wine Co. decided to move forward with creating a sustainable and scalable social enterprise, she knew that she had to work with the local family wineries. “It was their passion and commitment to their communities and culture that made me want to do everything possible to help see them win”, Founder Mariagrazia Lauricella. 


Why Working With Family Owned Wineries Is Best?


Social Enterprise wine club team


Upon analyzing the Humanity Wine Co. wine club, I recognized those same characteristics held by family owned wineries. The social enterprise company doesn’t treat their team like employees or contractors. They treat one another as if they were a family that deeply honored and enjoyed each other. The family feeling is extended to their customers. 

During pre-launch the company automatically made every new customer a Humanity Family Wine Club member. They went as far as including family into the name of their membership. The culture of family is intentionally emphasized throughout the social enterprises core. 

The team behind the brand are no strangers to breaking the mold and doing things differently. In fact, they are the same team that took a vision and mission for a group of the most underserved population and made it a reality. With persistence, hard work and a gut wrenching ‘why,’ they founded the only non profit organization in all of Argentina that has a lifecycle solution for aging out orphans. 

The Humanity Del Sol, Inc. family would then rounded up some of Argentina’s and now the world’s best family owned wineries to be a part of a wine club unlike any other the world has seen. They asked these wineries to dare to think outside the box and join them in further changing the communities they produce in. The change would come in a form of the likes never before seen by the wine industry or the humanitarian development world.  Not surprisingly every family owned winery who already knew this awesome team, knew that they would be a part of a pioneering movement.


A Humanitarian Wine Club Worth Knowing About


A new way to think about home wine delivery service


Unfortunately, what the consuming world doesn’t know is the astronomical amount of margin that comes with selling wine. Well, selling wine directly to consumers that is. So why can’t the wine world have a different point of view?  Furthermore, we believe the Humanity Wine Copoint of view and wine club’s “why” is truly the most unique out there. Assuredly there will be many copy cats but will they have the heart and soul of a wine club like this? 

A wine club that was created to change the trajectory of orphan’s lives and the lives of all those that live in their underserved communities. Only time will tell.  Moreover, it is Humanity Wine Co.’s desire to have others come up with a unique point of view, a real “WHY” and tell their story as they are telling theirs. The more that rise up and give away profits the better the world will be. 


Family Owned Wine And Wine Club


You might be wondering who is this family owned winery wine club and where did they came from? Well, Mariagrazia Lauricella is the Founder of Humanity Wine Co. and Humanity Del Sol, Inc. She started this company to solve a very serious problem that she had for her nonprofit organization, funding. So out of necessity, she selected a product that was produced in the regions her nonprofit operates in. 

Her team developed the for profit business whose sole purpose is to provide customers with an exquisite expression of the lands they work in while; producing scalable and unrestricted funds for the nonprofit work they do. 

Humanity Del Sol, was founded in 2012 and dreams of creating the best wine club began to surface in 2014. Headquartered in Argentina’s wine country and kind of Malbec, Mendoza became Mariagrazia’s second home. She quickly became accustomed to the Mendozino way. Growing close to many of the family owned wineries that are included in their monthly wine shipment offerings. As her team worked with the wine and hospitality sector to develop internships and skill-based curriculum for the youth orphans, she saw the connection. 

The bridge was made in her mind. She saw the clear vision to create wine together with these amazing wineries that would provide jobs for the youth in her program, increased work for the wineries and the people of their communities. It was a no brainer and only time would tell how it would all work out.


A philanthropist in every bottle of wine


The Humanity Wine Co. family wasn’t born because a group of millennials got together and thought it would be fun and sexy or because of how profitable it is. This business model was one that was born out of sheer necessity and vision to help a non profit, Humanity Del Sol and the communities they serve. Furthermore, the wines that are delivered right to your home are all from family owned wineries adding to the inclusive business model that they adhere to. Therefore, not only does the Humanity Wine Co. membership donate 50% of its profits to youth orphan programs but it also supplies dozens of underserved communities with continued work.  

I believe this family owned wineries, humanitarian wine club is going to be the category king of the wine delivery service industry. Their mission, their ‘why’ their company culture is one you can’t ignore. To become a party for their family you can join and become a winethropist here. A wine lover who loves to do good, taste the world change the world with every case of wine you purchase through Humanity WINE co. 


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