Space + Wine: The New Age of Space is Here.

Space For Humanity

      Order Your Wine To Be Delivered To Your Home In Time For The Event. 

      Space For Humanity Virtual Wine Tastings
      Space + Wine
      Please note that all wine needs to be delivered to your personal address or your office to ensure that someone is there to sign for the package. 

      If you need help with your order or want to add charcuterie or other details please feel free to contact your Winethropist™ Specialist (727) 306-1246 or email us directly 

      Motivated by the fun and philosophical ways of the winery owners and winemakers, I am confident you’ll find pleasure in the bottled essence of each of these wines that reflect progress, creativity, and forward thinking.


      Shipping is included when you purchase the Wine Tasting Package. After 3 attempts to ship the case of wine, the bottles are returned to our warehouses. A return shipping fee of $50 is added to your invoices. In the event of an unlikely, Corked wine, please send the complaint to We will do our best to replace the bottle of wine. Ice Packs are added to all deliveries between the months of June and September to ensure that wine does not spoil. If wine arrives with the cork out of the bottle we will replace the bottle at a later, cooler date.

      2 products

      2 products