The Entreprenista League Holiday Collection

The Entreprenista League Holiday Collection



      A Holiday Networking Event with an impact. 

      Wine Flight Includes:

      1. 1 Full Bottle of Sparkling Wine, Tis the season after all
      2. 1 Full Bottle of Rosè, This selection will convince you that rosè is a must for the holidays
      3. 1 Full Bottle of Red, because a Syrah pairs beautifully with almost all your holiday meals 
      4. Shipping Included

      You can open all three bottles during our Holiday Happy Hour Soiree to taste or just enjoy 1 glass from 1 bottle.

      Why You Should Join This Event:

      Your 2020 Entreprenista League Holiday Networking Soiree is more than an evening of powerhouse women, movers and will be an Impact Event. We donate 50% of our profits to programs for aging out orphans! Now that is something we can all raise a glass to. The wine will be delivered right to your doorstep; home or office. So join the League Ladies now as we all become Winethorpists™ together, in what is sure to be a fabulous evening.

      Join the Winethropist™ movement now, and order your wine. It is where wine lovers who dares to change the world, gather. 

      ***Wine must be ordered at least 5 business days prior to the event for guaranteed arrival.

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