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Wine & Cheese Pairing Guide

You Will Learn:

- Why wine and cheese are popular together,

- Wine and cheese pairing rules you need to know, and

- Pairing examples.

Bonus Section!

- Cheese service and storage, and

- Industry tips and tricks for wine storage, wine service, wine tasting, and wine and cheese pairing.

Sea Pearl Sauvignon Blanc 2021

The Sea Pearl Sauvignon Blanc is the color of pale straw with green hues. From New Zealand, this white wine has pungent aromas of sweet grass, blackcurrants and gooseberries backed up by a fresh zesty lime character. On the palate, it is light-bodied with an appetizing mineral undertone that builds to a long finish with flavors of ripe greens, gooseberry and currants. 

Enjoy with seafood, chicken served over grilled vegetables/salad or simply on its own.


Sea Pearl Sauvignon Blanc 2021

New Zealand, Marlborough

Wine & Cheese Pairing Guide

This guide showcases the secrets of perfect wine and cheese pairing, enhancing your tasting experience with flavor harmony. 🌟

Our Exclusive Guide! 🧀🍷

👉 The Magic Connection: Explore why wine and cheese have become an iconic pair.
📜 Pairing Rules to Sip By: Master essential pairing rules that will turn your gatherings into tasteful events.
🍷🧀 Examples: Delight in curated pairings that showcase the diversity and richness of wine and cheese.

Bonus Section! 🎁
👩‍🍳 Cheese Service & Storage: Learn how to present and store your cheese.
🍇🍷 Industry Tips & Tricks: Insider knowledge on wine storage, service, tasting, and wine and cheese pairing techniques.

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