Host Wine Events
That Change Lives

Rely on Humanity Wine Co. for your wine event. You create the invite list and we handle everything else.

It Is Truly This Simple

1. Select Your Event

Wine and charcuterie or complete dinner?

2. Tell Us Your Needs

Self-hosting or need us from A-to-Z? We take it from there.

3. Send the Invites

Friends, family, associates?

Select An Event

Wine & Charcuterie Night

• Sarting at $549

• Choose from a menu of Charcuterie Board options

• Choose from a menu of different wine’s with pairing and tasting notes provided

• Receive personalized invitations to share

Put together your own dinner plan with a virtual dinner event

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Multi Course Dinner With Wine Pairing

•Starting at $1818

• Hosts a multi course dinner with chief demonstrations such as Winethropist™ Pouring

• Choose from different dinner courses ranging from three to five courses

• Choose wine from an extended menu including premium wines

• Create a custom menu for each table

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