Sommelier Selected Wines Delivered To Your Door Every Quarter.

You will receive a variety of family-owned wines from around the world every 3 months. All product is delivered to your home or office while 50% of profits are donated to programs for aging-out orphans.

How The Wine Club Works

1. Select Your Wine

You will select the types of wines that suit your palette. Whether you prefer reds, whites or would enjoy a mix of both red and white wines, you will receive a curated selection of 4, 8, or 12 family-owned wines every 3 months.

2. Give Hope & A Future

Your purchase then triggers a 50% donation of our profits to impact lifecycle solutions, post trauma therapies, mentorship, job training, internships and transition housing for abandoned youth. 

3. Enjoy Your Wines

Your wines arrive to your doorstep each quarter. Please enjoy each bottle knowing your purchase has made a difference for orphaned youth. You can cancel anytime or change the preferred types of wines you receive at any time. 

Humanity Wine Co. 8 Bottle Selection

Each quarter you receive an 8 bottle case of wine to your doorstep. Subscribers receive Food and Wine Pairing guides, exclusive event invitations, travel exclusives and more.

Humanity Wine Co. 12 Bottle Selection

Each quarter you receive a 12 bottle case of wine to your doorstep. These subscribers receive Complimentary Shipping, Food and Wine Pairing guides, Be the first to know about exclusive events, travel exclusives and more.

When You Join The Winethropist™ Movement Today Here Is What You Will Receive

New Wines Every 3 Months

Your quarterly wine subscription is a delight and surprise every time you open your case. Wines from all over the world are expertly selected for you to experience and share.

More Than Wine!

Monthly virtual wine events with the industries top leaders from food and wine to art and philanthropy.

Wine Collector Exclusives

Rare and limited-edition vintages and grapes granted to you on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Food & Wine Pairings

You are granted exclusive access to a chef-curated Food & Wine Pairing guide with each case of wine delivered. That's 4 per year!

Private Donor page

Access to a private donor page where you will receive essential updates on the youth your purchase impacts.

Travel Exclusives

Travel exclusives to join our CEO and founder on private culturally immersive trips to meet the winemakers, chefs, and students behind our mission.

Activate Your Purchasing Power
Change Why You Drink Wine

Imagine what kind of power can be harnessed-and the impact made-if all 4.3 billion bottles of wine consumed each year in the USA were purchased from a company that donated 50% of its profits to helping abandoned youth. Imagine the productivity of whole nations if a generation of abandoned youth were given the resources necessary to succeed rather than simply ending up on the streets alone or, worse, as a sex traffic victim. You can be a part of such a movement just by activating your wine purchasing power now. 

our why
The Driving Force Behind The Wine & Services We Bring You.

We teamed up with family-owned wineries and winemakers that care not just about the business of making great wine, but also about making a difference in this world.

Shouldn't you buy great wine from an organization that makes a difference? Doesn't every child deserve a chance to make something of themselves? With each bottle sold we, collectively, change the world one precious child at a time.

Join The Winethropist™ Movement Today

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